The Red Drop Private is a company developed by British doctors. Created with a goal to offer the best way to receive quality healthcare designed for your welfare and your family.

With the speed of our services and innovative facilities provided for you to live with tranquility and the comfort of your home settings.
Health is a fundamental human right.

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About us

Our team works with passion looking at the future with an innovative vision, we work with cutting edge technologies and our partners develop the best products for our clients. Always delivering the best quality to our patients we are looking at what is missing and implementing new ideas creating accessible tests and health advice.

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How it Works


Choose one of our test packages according to your needs – whether this would be general health screening, nutritional state, sexual health or monitoring of a chronic condition and get it delivered to your home or office.


Perform the test at your comfort zone. This will require a fingerprick, swab of urine sample collection. Instructions will be included in your kit. Post it back to one of our accredited laboratories in a prepaid envelope.


We will notify you when results are available and you can access it in your dashboard together with advice from our health experts. Repeat tests as recommended and track results to keep your health in a good shape all the time.



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