Who is The Red Drop?

The Red Drop is a project established by Dr Ed Volcek, a British doctor with a passion for public health and prevention, including a focus on non-communicable diseases. Following our work and personal experience we realised that the best way for innovation is direct engagement of patients, science, policy makers and industry. With the patient in the centre of all our activities we are aiming to develop new approach to healthcare starting from Personal Health screening and ending with Global Health.

What do we do?

Our second stream of work -The Red Drop International is a charity project where we are working with brave and determined doctors aiming to bring access to basic healthcare to the communities of North Africa and other developing countries. This important work has been gaining attention and visibility at every step. Our team of doctors has established collaborations with highly regarded partners for this incredible work. From every test sold by The Red Drop Private 10% is sent to the charity fund aiming to expand and create more access to healthcare for those who need it the most.

Meet our founder

Dr Ed Volcek

Founder of The Red Drop

Dr Ed Volcek is a Medical Doctor and a Health Entrepreneur who is driven by his passion and interest in Preventative Medicine and Public Health. Ed envisions The Red Drop becoming a leader in the healthcare industry, setting the standard for quality, innovation, and accessibility. His dedication to Public Health and Wellbeing is reflected in both the company’s mission and the charity’s outreach programs, which focus on making healthcare accessible to everyone.